International plus size model, avant-garde muse, intersectional activist, survivor and body positive spokesperson...

These are just a few words to sum up Kerosene Deluxe.


The forever evolving Kerosene is a chameleon of the alternative, and someone that will never be labelled or limited by someone else’s imagination. This is the story of Kerosene thus far, and how a self-proclaimed monster movie geek went on a mission to promote beauty through diversity.


Kerosene didn’t set out originally to become the successful model she is today. She overcame many obstacles throughout her childhood and began her journey studying cosmetology and make-up artistry, an academic choice that would blend seamlessly with a career in front of the camera.

Her taste for the alternative had her sneaking into Goth, Punk Rock and Fetish nights at a young age. It was while at one such event in 2002 that Kerosene was discovered by an enlightened photographer, who invited her to take part in a photo shoot.

The adventure had begun....


Her first ventures into modelling were very indulgent. She was able to express herself and revel in creating sets of pictures inspired by her love of Vaudeville, Film Noir, and most notably Horror. Kerosene’s love of Horror movies encouraged her early work, creating themed shoots based on B-Movie and Hammer Horror. These more macabre and gore filled photos earned Kerosene the affectionate and appreciative nickname “Europe’s Queen of Fright”.


As her self confidence grew came another metamorphosis, and a progression from horror to pin-up, glamour, beauty and fashion.

From there her career gathered pace. Through tireless networking at events and conventions she started modelling further afield, working across the globe on international projects in many different mediums.

She has featured in numerous magazines, both in feature articles and full cover shoots as well as runway fashion shows for many independent designers.

Her film and TV career has involved working with studios and personalities in many different cultures, and ranges from talk shows to music videos.  In 2013 she was approached by filmmaker and director Giovanna Morales Vargas and James Earl O'Brien and was casted as one of the main model's in the 2017/2018 documentary 'A Perfect 14'.



Kerosene has taken it upon herself to promote beauty through diversity. With firm belief she urges people of all

shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, sexual orientations and backgrounds to love themselves for who they are,

and not be imprisoned by other people’s ideas of beauty.

Being a plus size woman and survivor of child abuse and sexual assault Kerosene has relished in the opportunity to shed a light on often ignored body issues, she has campaigned for people to feel empowered and beautiful.  

This cause is one dear to her heart, as she herself had to fight to reclaim her sensuality and self confidence.


Kerosene’s story so far has been filled with the character, determination and unapologetic passion she brings to everything. She has started the modelling career no one thought she could have and was often mocked for, campaigned for the body positive cause and human rights, travelled the world, mentored models starting out in the business and fostered strong backgrounds as a make-up artist, style consultant as well as a creative director.


What does the future hold for Kerosene?

There is no limit that’s for sure but if you come along for the ride, there is a guarantee of titillation, intrigue and a sense of poise and style unique to this lady.